Car Trip

Christmas trip car list

Nissan GTR
Porsche Cayman GTS
2015 Mustang GT (3x)
Restored 55 Bel Air
Trans-Am Race Car
Bentley Continental Convertible
Maserati Gran Coupe
C7 Corvette (3x)
Bentley Charlotte
Lexus RC-F (in truck to dealer)
Golf 7 GTI
Dodge Ram Big Horn Edition
Cadillac CTS-V ’16
Chevy Camaro SS 1LE
Lexus RC-F (in the streets)
Frontier Eliminator
F-150 SVT Tremor
Sky Blue 50’s restored Chevy Truck
Maserati Quattroporte
SRT Viper ’13
Porsche Cayman
Chevy Nova ’68
Challenger Hellcat ’15

5 Car Features You Used To Hate But Now Love

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They look somewhat good, but are weird when the turn signals are on.

1. Ford Mustang Tailights

2. Pop-up Spoilers

A feature on every 'hardcore' sports car.
A feature on every ‘hardcore’ sports car.

3. Every Nissan Nismo Extra Tailight

A feature on F1 cars, this has made it onto your pocket rocket.
A feature on F1 cars, this has made it onto your pocket rocket.

4.Lamborghini Gullwing Doors

Actually, they still aren't very cool.
Actually, they still aren’t very cool.

5. Recaro Seats

Functional and Stylish!
Functional and Stylish!


imageAll my 2014 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts! I have Nightburner, La-Fasta, and Rescue Duty. But I already have a 2015 treasure hunt Chicane.


At the Turkey Chase I saw a Model S (not rare in MD but worth noting) and a 911 GT3! Those Bethesdians (noun: people who live in Bethesda) must have some serious money.


I was at a restaurant Friday and they had an 100-flavor soda machine. It had a badge on it that said Pininfarina! They went from Ferraris to restaurant soda machines.


Sorry for no posts lately. But here is a new rule of thumb: “Posts will come and if their is no post, there will most likely be a new youtube video.”


I upload more frequently to YouTube now. Mostly Car-X but soon there will be mine craft videos too.

Car X

I got a great drifting app called CarX Drift Racing. See short videos of me playing it on my YouTube channel.


I was going somewhere with a friend and I saw an Aston Martin, a Maserati, some Porsches, an Audi R8, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Lamborghini Aventador, Two 360 Modenas, and 2 GT-Rs!!!