That was the craziest Daytona 500 ever!!! The red flag was 6 hours. But the race was good once it was back on.

News Letter

Hey, Sorry for not posting in a while, I have been busy.

This is a little newsletter I made

-I will try to post more now that I have less work.

-Race day!!! Daytona 500 later, I will cheer Jeff Gordon on. I met him during the fall, he is a really nice guy.

-I saw a Saturn Astra race car. My dad has a 2008 Saturn Astra XR so I showed him it. It is a race car called the Solution F Prototype. It was in Race Of Champions (ROC) a few years ago.

Jeff Gordon’s race car
Saturn Astra Solution F Prototype
Saturn Astra Solution F Prototype





Here are some of my favorite car commercials:

-The Chevy commercial where you sync your iPhone with Siri.

-Dog approved Subaru commercial.

-“Shift” Nissan commercial.

… And some of my least favorites:

-Toyota ad, with “Hall of fame” song in background.

-Maserati Ghibli (it was too boring).

Thanks for viewing!

; )


2015 WRX STi
2015 WRX STi
WRX vision
WRX vision

Has anybody seen the new Subaru WRX STi?

It is so much cooler than the current one. This one has been restyled and the electronics have been updated. But I am praying (I am not actually religious. Sorry if I offended anyone) that it doesn’t have an infotainment system. The Cadillac Cue stuff sucks. But that good engine and boost meter will stay. The brakes will be the biggest change in the machinery.