The new 3D tuning.com is out! It is weird to use and dosen’t have as many parts and they took out cars. The Toyota GT-86 and 2010 Mustang were removed!


During the camp bus ride, I saw 2 Nissan GT-R’s, and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage! It was so cool!


I can’t post until July 25. I am going to the national moutain bike championships then I have mountain bike camp for a week.


Made another GIF. It isn’t working on my computer so I hope it works for you.


Did you know I helped the Nissan Sentra nismo come into existence? I was part of the poll where Nissan asked if you would rather have a Nissan Sentra nismO or a Datsun 510 race car. They chose the winner and are making it into a real car.imageimage