This is is the Maserati parked near my house. But it isn’t as cool as the GTR or the Porsche 911 in my neighborhood though.


If you people refuse to believe that the  Shelby Aero TT Supercar  is the fastest production car EVER, too bad. Most websites that care don’t pay attention to a car that was kept pretty quiet. I really am anti-Bugatti, so this makes me happy.


Please comment if you disagree; WHO TRUSTS NIKE TO MAKE A CAR THAT SOMEONE WILL DRIVE REGULARLY FOR TEN YEARS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Nike_one_10_1024


Auto Show 2014

Me with the 2014 Nissan GT-R Black.

Hey guys! I recently went to the Washington DC Auto Show. I got to see cool new cars like the Subaru WRX STi, Electric Porsche Panamera (not cool looking though), 2014 limited edition 50th anniversary Ford Mustang (Wowee!), Corvette C7, Nissan GTR (You knew I would say that), Shelby Daytona (Oldie but goodie), Jaguar F-Type, Scion FR-S, Matt Kenseth Stock car, and some more lame stuff like the new Toyota Corolla. Overall, most cars this year are more efficient, techy (tek-EE), and sleeker.


This is the fastest super car in the world with a top speed of of over 260 miles per hour! Beat that Bugatti!!!!

The Ultimate Aero TT Supercar is NOT made by Aeropostale. It is made by Shelby and is currently the world’s fastest car. On an empty strip of highway, it was found that this car can go more than 260 MPH. It is american power, with handling skills of a Porsche. Take that all your Bugatti lovers! A new champion is here!

My favorite car

The epic Nissan GTR R35 nismO race car
The epic Nissan GTR R35 nismO race car
Nissan GTR, a history
There is the original GTR closest to us.
Then the R32 is second closest.
Next is the R33 (it is the least widely known)
The R34 is 2nd closest to the back.
The R35 (the current one) is in the back.
Cool modified GTR


Hey world!

This is my link to the rest of the world. I will post cool pictures, videos, and maybe try to get some games. Either way, this will be a site for  everyone to have fun! : )