Dream Cars Race by Mach X Racing and Mach 1 Industries

I am addicted to this really cool game called Dream Cars Race. You can build a car and race it on some cool tracks. Here are the links to my cars. Sorry, go play it and earn some coins first so you can download the car with it’s upgrades. But my cars work really well so it is worth the money. To use the link, highlight it and right click. Then on the little menu it will say,’Go to …’ Click that and it will take you to the link.





The Motor Trend comparison that is GT-R vs. Z28 vs. 911 is unfair! Since they are using the sportiest possible model, they should use the GT-R nismO and the 911 GT3. Also, they were biased to the Camaro.


I was on vacation. I saw some cool wildlife.  A family of ducks, a black bear, fish, and tons of butterflies. I also did a cool 15-mile bike ride. Their was a cool trials esq. rock section and a really fun, long downhill. Lastly, their were a ton of  old muscle cars. The only bad thing was that I saw a 2004 Ford Mustang that had a Nissan GT-R logo on the side. That was dumb. But my trip was fun.


I was riding my bike to school and I hit 26.2mph!!!! That is faster than our neighboorhood speed limit!

Monster truck

My friends didn’t know what a monster truck was. They thought it was the same thing as a demolition derby. So I added some pictures of monster trucks.imageimage

A demolition derby is in the picture below this sentence.image

I hope you people know the dofference.



Today on the way to school I saw a Ferrari. Sadly, it was the Ferrari FF.


I know that people say the Hot Wheels Test Facility is fake, but here is my opinion. It is most likely real. Now before you email me hate letters just let me say something. If it is real, it isn’t as glorified as they make it sound. Also, if they wanted it secret, the government could have acted like Area 68 had aliens. But I am a Blue Team Driver, so enjoy some highlights in the next post.

Aston Martin

I saw 2 Aston Martins yesterday. A DBS  and a DB5. The DB5’s license plates looked like they were upside down, but I think they said ‘007’…


I was listening to cartalk and they said a car related complaint:”You know you’re trailer trash if you think the last line of the star-spangled banner is “Gentlemen, start you engines.””


I am going on vacation tomorrow. So I won’t post anything. Sorry for the cedricprentice.com/wp withdrawal. By the way, check my google+ it is ‘cedricprentice242@gmail.com’.


return of the roadster

I think Tesla should bring back the Tesla Roadster! It is an amazing vehicle for an electric car. C’mon Tesla, give this car glory!


I know this is random, but I beat Minecraft Pocket Edition today, I already beat computer edition.

Good news

I was online and I found www.gamesxl.com

It rocks, the car games are amazing and it has games you can play on your phone/iPod/tablet through the internet without downloading an app!!


My friend Joe needed to bring a friend to a boy scout meeting to earn a merit badge. So he took me to the soap box derby with him! I got to drive on his team. I was the only person in the slalom to not hit any barriers. But I was still fast while I handled good. Good job me!!!

Me after a slalom run. This was taken with a phone, sorry it was sideways!
Me after a slalom run. This was taken with a phone, sorry it was sideways!