GM is making huge changes for the next few years:

Holden will stop manufacturing

GM is buying back it’s stock from the government

Chevy will leave Europe

Corvette will stay in Europe

Trans Am might be a model (kinda like Viper is a brand Trans Am will be a brand with models like GT and such)

Tesla should make some changes too:

The Tesla Roadster should be revived, an Under The Hood host called the model S “The real deal.”


I found a great tuning website for cars online. Go to for good car customizing. It is a little weird though. The text is in Arabic and a lot of the cars were not sold in the USA.


Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. But Hot Rod magazine and I seem to have both been checking out what was popular at SEMA. Some items on the list were in Hot Rod.

Here is what was popular.

carbon fibre car01-ring-brothers-carbon-fiber-mustang-body

Matte and semigloss paint

Wide fenders and bodies

Land speed

iPads and touchscreens

Bold graphics on pro touring cars

Decorative boost

C7 stingrays (totally, there were a ton)


Surf wagons

Delivery vans (one belonged to the host of top gear USA)

My Modified 2014 Shelby GT500 (April fools, it was my Nissan GT-R R34. Just kidding again!)

Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect07_SEMA-2013-Ford-OEM

SEMA was definitely off the hook this year.